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[00:02.00]Unit Six How do you feel?第六单元 你感觉怎么样?
[00:06.29]Hey, let's have some popcorn.嗨,我们吃些爆米花吧。
[00:10.89]Yum! I'm so happy. I love popcorn!好吃!我太高兴了。我喜欢爆米花!
[00:16.24]Here you are. 给你。
[00:17.89]I'll go and get some drinks. Wait for me.我去拿一些饮料过来。等我一下。
[00:25.35]Hey. Where's my popcorn?嗨。我的爆米花呢?
[00:29.82]Yum! It was so good.它太好吃了。
[00:33.60]What?! 什么?!
[00:34.70]How could you eat all the popcorn?! 你怎么能把所有的爆米花都吃了呢?!
[00:37.72]We should share!我们应该分享!
[00:40.82]Mum, if I feel angry, what should I do?妈妈,如果我生气了,我应该怎么做?
[00:46.90]Well, first, take a deep breath. 首先,深呼吸。
[00:50.85]Then you should count to ten.然后数到十。
[00:54.68]After that...?然后呢……?
[00:57.32]After that, you won't feel so angry.然后,你就不会感到这么生气了。
[01:02.22]Mum, I feel ill.妈妈,我好像生病了。
[01:05.69]Should I count to ten, too?我也要数到十吗?
[01:09.56]No, dear, you should see a doctor.不,亲爱的,你应该去看医生。
[01:14.49]A Let's tryA 试一试
[01:18.13]It's cold outside.外面很冷。
[01:19.59]Sam is talking with Sarah.山姆和莎拉正在聊天。
[01:22.74]Listen and circle.听一听,圈一圈。(听力练习)
[01:54.35]Let's talk说一说
[01:55.85]What's this cartoon about?这幅漫画是关于什么的?
[01:59.59]It's about a cat. 它是关于一只猫的。
[02:01.26]The cat is a police officer.这只猫是个警察。
[02:07.28]He chases the mice.它追老鼠。
[02:09.33]They're afraid of him.老鼠们都很害怕它。
[02:14.73]Because the mice are bad. 因为老鼠都很坏。
[02:17.80]They hurt people. 它们伤害人类。
[02:19.19]The cat is angry with them.这只猫非常生气。
[02:22.88]Maybe our cat is chasing a mouse now!也许我们的猫现在正在追一只老鼠呢!
[02:27.16]Why is the cat angry with the mice?为什么猫非常生老鼠的气?
[02:31.83]Let's learn学一学
[02:34.95]Sarah is angry. The cat is afraid.莎拉非常生气。猫非常害怕。
[02:47.03]The cat is ill. Sarah is sad.猫生病了。莎拉很伤心。
[02:55.27]Sarah and the cat are worried.莎拉和猫都很担心。
[03:02.94]They are happy.他们很高兴。
[03:08.92]B Let's tryB 试一试
[03:12.31]It's seven o'clock in the morning, 现在是早上七点,
[03:14.35]and it's time to go get up. 到了起床的时间了。
[03:17.01]Listen and circle.听一听,圈一圈。(听力练习)
[03:37.61]1 Who is talking?谁在说话?
[03:42.08]2 What are they talking about?他们正在讨论什么?
[03:46.84]Let's talk说一说
[03:49.23]Sarah, Sam, come here, please.莎拉,萨姆,过来这边。
[03:54.59]What's wrong?怎么了?
[03:56.83]Your father is ill. 你的爸爸生病了。
[03:58.32]He should see a doctor this morning,他早上需要去看医生,
[04:00.81]so we can't go to the zoo today.所以我们今天不能去动物园了。
[04:04.59]Oh, no!哦,不!
[04:06.82]Don't be sad. We can go next time.别伤心。我们可以下次去。
[04:10.97]How does Dad fell now?爸爸现在感觉怎么样了?
[04:14.27]Not well. Let's go to the hospital.不是很好。让我们去医院吧。
[04:18.38]How does Sam feel? What should he do?萨姆感觉如何?他应该怎么做?
[04:23.25]Let's learn学一学
[04:25.93]You should see a doctor.你应该去看病。
[04:29.51]see a doctor看病
[04:33.71]You should do more exercise.你应该多做运动。
[04:38.14]do more exercise多做运动
[04:42.61]You should wear warm clothes.你应该穿上暖和的衣服。
[04:46.21]wear warm clothes穿上暖和的衣服
[04:50.99]You should take a deep breath and count to ten.你应该深呼吸然后数到十。
[04:56.32]take a deep breath深深吸一口气
[05:00.27]count to ten数到十
[05:04.61]Read and write读一读,写一写
[05:06.43]Robin and the Ant罗宾和蚂蚁
[05:09.43]It is a sunny morning. 一个晴朗的早晨。
[05:11.66]Robin is going to sit on the grass when he hears, "Wait!"罗宾准备坐到草坪上,突然听到一个声音,“等等!”
[05:17.98]It is a little ant. He is afraid, 是一只小蚂蚁。他非常地害怕,
[05:22.65]"Please don't sit on me. “请你别坐到我的身上。
[05:25.17]One day I can help you."以后我会报答你的。”
[05:28.23]"Don't worry, little ant. “别担心,小蚂蚁。
[05:30.17]I won't sit on you", says Robin.我不会坐到你身上的”,罗宾说。
[05:35.08]The next day, it is raining. 第二天,下雨了。
[05:37.63]Robin is in the park. 罗宾在公园里。
[05:39.63]He is stuck in the mud. He is worried.他陷在泥里了。他非常担心。
[05:44.65]Then he hears, "let us help you!"然后他听到了一个声音,
[05:49.77]It is the ant and all of his friends.“让我们帮助你!”是小蚂蚁和他的朋友们。
[05:54.84]They are strong. 他们非常的强大。
[05:56.18]They pull Robin out of the mud.他们把罗宾从泥土里拉了出来。
[06:00.10]Everyone is happy!每个人都很开心!
[06:03.51]Tips for pronunciation发音的技巧
[06:05.81]Listen and repeat.听录音并跟读。
[06:09.12]next day第二天
[06:11.31]can't go不能走
[06:13.46]count to计数
[06:15.61]don't be不要
[06:17.52]Let's check检测
[06:20.34]Listen and match.听一听,连一连。(听力练习)
[07:38.75]Listen again and circle the right answers.听录音,圈出正确的回答。(听力练习)
[09:29.46]C Story timeC 故事时间
[09:31.62]My favourite TV show is on soon. 我喜欢的电视马上就要开演了。
[09:34.95]Let's watch it. Do you have any popcorn?我们一起看吧。你有爆米花吗?
[09:39.76]I'll go and make some.我去做一些。
[09:49.56]I can't wait. 我等不及了。
[09:50.96]I love popcorn. I'm so happy!我喜欢爆米花。我太高兴了!
[09:56.31]He must be making lots of popcorn. Yum!他一定会做出很多的爆米花。
[10:04.06]Where is he?他去哪儿了?
[10:05.40]I'm a litter worried now. 我有一点担心。
[10:07.71]I'll go and check.我过去找找他。
[10:17.94]Oh! Zoom, what are you doing here?哦!你在这里做什么?
[10:23.06]I'm making popcorn.我在做爆米花。
[10:28.72]Oh, don't be angry! 哦,不要生气!
[10:31.07]Count to ten and take a deep breath. 数到十,然后深呼吸。
[10:34.50]Well, I planted the popcorn seeds. 我种下了爆米花种子。
[10:37.64]But they take a long time to grow. 但是它们要很长时间才能长好。
[10:40.70]I'm still waiting.我还在等。
[10:42.98]Oooooh noooo!哦~,不~!