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[00:02.00]Unit Three My weekend plan第三单元 我的周末计划
[00:05.58]What are you going to do in the nature park?你打算去自然公园做什么?
[00:09.29]I'm going to draw some picture. What about you?我打算去画一些画。你呢?
[00:14.47]I'm going to look for some beautiful leaves.我打算去找一些漂亮的树叶。
[00:18.36]Mike is going to see a film. 迈克准备去看电影。
[00:21.57]John is going to buy his favourite comic book. 约翰打算去买他喜欢的漫画书。
[00:25.49]Hmm, what am I going to do this weekend?这个周末我该做什么呢?
[00:29.61]A Let's tryA 试一试
[00:33.47]It's Saturday morning, 星期六的早上。
[00:35.60]Sarah is on the phone with Mike. 莎拉正在给迈克打电话。
[00:40.26]Listen and circle.听一听,圈一圈。(听力练习)
[01:03.75]1 Can Mike go swimming today?1 迈克今天去游泳吗?
[01:08.26]2 Why or why not?2 为什么或为什么不呢?
[01:12.42]Let's talk说一说
[01:14.34]What are you going to do tomorrow?你明天打算做什么?
[01:18.11]I'm going to have an art lesson.我要上美术课。
[01:21.54]What are you going to do in your lesson?你打算在你的课上做什么?
[01:25.61]We're going to draw some pictures in Renmin Park.我打算在人民公园里画一些画。
[01:31.06]Sounds great! 听起来太棒了!
[01:31.98]I'm going to see a film tomorrow.我打算明天去看电影。
[01:36.00]Have a good time!玩的愉快!
[01:38.70]You too. I have to do my homework now. Bye.你也是。我要去做我的家庭作业了。再见。
[01:44.12]OK. Bye.好的。再见。
[01:46.67]What are Mike and Sarah going to do tomorrow?迈克和莎拉明天打算做什么?
[01:52.07]Let's learn学一学
[01:54.70]What are you going to do today?你今天打算做什么?
[01:57.62]I'm going to see a film.我打算去看电影。
[02:01.92]visit my grandparents拜访我的祖父母
[02:07.16]see a film看电影
[02:11.41]take a trip旅行
[02:16.52]go to the supermarket去超市
[02:20.95]B Let's tryB 试一试
[02:24.48]John is on his way home. 约翰正在回家的路上。
[02:27.10]He sees Amy. Listen and answer.他看见了艾米。听录音回答问题。(听力练习)
[02:50.08]What is Amy going to do?艾米打算做什么?
[02:54.91]Is the ice cream for John?冰激凌是给约翰的吗?
[02:58.39]Let's talk说一说
[03:00.63]My cousin Jack is going to visit me next week.我的表弟杰克打算下个星期来找我。
[03:04.65]That's nice. Where are you going?那很好。你们打算去哪儿?
[03:08.07]We're going to the cinema. 我们打算去电影院。
[03:10.55]We're going to see a film about space travel!我们打算去看场关于太空之旅的电影。
[03:14.56]Cool! I have lots of comic books about space. 酷!我有很多关于太空的漫画书。
[03:19.43]When are you going?你们什么时候去?
[03:21.81]Next Wednesday.下个星期三。
[03:24.08]Why not go on Tuesday? 为什么不星期二去呢?
[03:25.77]It's half price then!那天半价。
[03:28.77]Really? Thank you!真的吗?谢谢!
[03:31.44]Where are John and Jack going next week?约翰和杰克打算下星期去哪里?
[03:36.21]Let's learn学一学
[03:38.29]Where are you going?你打算去哪儿?
[03:41.39]To the bookstore. 去书店。
[03:43.46]I'm going to buy a new comic book.打算去买一本新的漫画书。
[03:51.46]comic book漫画书
[03:54.91]word book词汇本
[04:03.24]Read and write读一读,写一写
[04:07.57]Dear Diary,亲爱的日记,
[04:09.40]Tomorrow is Mid-Autumn Festival. 明天是中秋节。
[04:11.99]My family are going to get together and have a big dinner.我的家人将会团聚在一起吃一顿丰盛的晚餐。
[04:17.69]My aunt is going to make mooncakes. 我的阿姨会做一些月饼。
[04:21.08]My grandma will tell us a story about Chang'e. 我的奶奶会给我们讲嫦娥的故事。
[04:24.79]Robin and I are going to read a poem. 罗宾和我会朗读一首诗。
[04:27.66]This is our poem: 这是我们的诗:
[04:30.40]F is for family. F代表家庭。
[04:32.63]We will all be together tonight.今晚我们在一起。
[04:35.73]A is for autumn. It is the autumn season.A代表秋天。现在是秋天。
[04:41.46]M is for moon. M代表月亮。
[04:43.14]We eat mooncakes and tell stories about the moon.我们吃月饼并讲了一个关于月亮的故事。
[04:48.03]I is for "I". I am so happy today.I代表我自己。我今天特别开心。
[04:54.00]L is for love. We love Mid-Autumn Festival.L代表爱。我们都很喜欢中秋节。
[04:59.14]Y is for you. Y代表你。
[05:00.41]You can be together with your family too!你也可以跟你的家人团聚在一起!
[05:04.34]Tips for pronunciation发音的技巧
[05:08.03]Listen, clap and repeat.听一听,拍手和重复。
[05:21.00]Let's check检测
[05:22.86]Listen and tick.听录音并打勾。(听力练习)
[07:28.55]Listen again and fill in the blanks.听录音并填空。
[08:59.29]C Story timeC 故事时间
[09:02.51]What are you going to do tomorrow?你明天打算去做什么?
[09:06.07]I'm going to learn how to swim.我明天去学游泳。
[09:09.86]OK. I'll teach you.好的。我来教你。
[09:16.15]Please don't disturb me. 请别打扰我。
[09:18.24]I'm learning to swim.我正在学游泳。
[09:21.56]How can you learn to swim without going to a pool?不去泳池去游泳你怎么能学会游泳?
[09:25.86]Come on. Let's go to the swimming pool.来吧。让我们去泳池。
[09:29.96]No! I'm afraid of water.不!我很害怕水。
[09:33.63]Just jump in! Catch this. 尽管跳下去!抓住这个。
[09:38.68]Practise and you will learn.只有练习你才能学会。
[09:41.52]Help! Help!救命!救命!
[09:48.46]Just try. This way...This way... OK, 试一试。这样……这样……好的,
[09:53.03]now can you do it?你现在可以自己做了吗?
[09:57.30]Oh, it's easy.哦,太简单了。
[10:00.15]We should always remember: "Learn by doing".我们应该永远记住:“在实践中学习”。